Transportation Information

The district provides school bus transportation to all students living within the district’s boundaries. This service is provided at no cost to students; however bus riding is a privilege.
Our buses are filled to their maximum capacity. We ask that you DO NOT send notes requesting that your child ride the bus with a friend for a birthday party or overnight visit. Each student needs to ride the bus they are assigned to. If there is an emergency situation, students must have written permission to ride any bus other than their regular bus or get off at a stop other than their designated bus stop. The Principal or Vice-Principal must initial all written changes.
Changes in bus routes may occur throughout the school year due to bus capacity.
Parents will be notified by letter of any changes. For further information contact the Transportation office by calling (830) 779-6610.
The campus and transportation office must be notified of changes in telephone numbers for home or office to insure communication with parents or guardian.

School Bus Policies

Students should be at their designated pick up location and visible to the driver at least five minutes prior to the designated pick up time.
Student passengers, bus drivers, and school district personnel are the only people authorized to be on the buses. Exceptions to this rule shall only be granted with permission from the driver.
Once a child has boarded the bus, the child will not be allowed to leave the bus until they reach their designated stop. In emergency situations the parents will contact the campus and the bus will return to the child’s campus where the parent will sign the child out at the office.
Primary school age students PK through 2nd will not be left at their designated stop if an adult is not present.
The only exceptions are if older siblings are riding the bus or if we have written permission from a parent on file at the child’s respective campus. All transportation changes regarding designated pick up or drop off addresses must be in writing and have campus administration approval.
Students are to board their bus, in the afternoon, at their assigned campus. Those students boarding at another campus will be given a verbal warning on the first offense. On the second offense the student will be sent to their campus administrative office to call their parents or guardian. Students will not be allowed to board a bus without the permission of a principal or vice principal, no exceptions. A late boarding pass will be issued and signed by an administrator granting approval.

Bus Conduct Guidelines

 Bus riders will be expected to follow the written rules as outlined by their drivers, and the campus discipline management plan (Student Code of Conduct). Any student who fails to comply with these rules and policies shall be subject to disciplinary action and may be denied transportation services. A school administrator is the only person who can remove a student from a bus and reserves the right to modify consequences in conjunction with the Student Code of Conduct and with regard to the severity/frequency of the offense. A student may be removed from a bus after any referral, if the School Administrator feels that the incident is severe enough to warrant this action. A School Administrator or the Transportation Director can reassign a student to another bus as part of the disciplinary process. Whenever a student breaks a bus rule or commits any other action that jeopardizes the safety of the bus or passengers, a Bus Incident Report will be filled out and sent to the student’s campus administrator. The following steps outline the basic process to be used:

School Bus Rules

  • The bus driver may assign seats.
  • Be courteous.
  • No profanity.
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus. Keep the bus clean.
  • Violence is prohibited.
  • Remain seated facing forward.
  • No smoking.
  • Keep your hands and head inside the bus.
  • Do not destroy property.
  • For your own safety, do not distract the driver through misbehavior.
The following defines and expands on the 10 basic rules:
  • Students may be assigned seating by the bus driver. This is optional and is strictly a driver’s decision. If seat assignments are enforced, each student will be expected to sit in his or her assigned seat until further notice.
  • Students will not act in a disrespectful manner while riding a school bus.
  • Students shall not in any manner harass or distract the bus driver.
  • Students shall not throw, pitch, or shoot articles within the bus, or out the windows.
  • Students shall not write upon, disfigure or destroy any part of the school bus.
  • Students shall not take or handle any emergency equipment inside the bus.
  • Students shall not extend any part of their body or other articles into the aisle or outside of the bus windows.
  • Students shall never board or leave a bus through the emergency door except in an emergency.
  • Students shall not carry explosives (such as fireworks), knives, weapons, or any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon, on the bus.
  • Students shall not scuffle or fight on the bus.
  • Students shall not use obscene, vulgar, or profane language on the bus.
  • Students shall not strike matches or use tobacco in any form on the bus.
  • Students shall not consume or have in their possession intoxicating beverages, narcotics, prescription or over the counter medications while aboard the bus.
  • Students shall not yell, scream, and whistle, on the bus. Radios or music devices may be used only with headsets and the approval of the driver.
  • Students will not be allowed to get on or off the bus except at their designated stop or assigned campus, unless authorized in writing by parent, legal guardian and the school administrator’s approval.
  • Students shall not eat or drink on the bus, or litter the bus with debris.
  • Students shall not bring visitors on the bus.
  • Students shall be assigned to only one bus and shall only ride their assigned bus.
  • Students will be on time; at their stop & visible to the driver at least 5 minutes
  • Prior to the designated pick up time.
  • Students shall be assigned to only one bus and shall only ride their assigned bus.
  • Students will be on time; at their stop at least 5 minutes prior to schedule.