La Vernia Primary Drop Off/Pick-Up Procedures

  1. Our school doors open at 7:00 AM with supervision.


  1. Car Line:Students will be assisted from their cars by a staff member on the Alexandria Street (gym) side of the school.  Parents may not walk their child in at this entrance.  The car line will operate from 7:00 – 7:45 AM.  Students will be marked tardy after 7:45 AM.  School begins at 7:45.  Please be aware that breakfast will be served from 7:00- 7:45.  If your child eats breakfast at school, please plan accordingly.  Students will need to be in class at 7:45 AM.  In addition, the doors will be locked at 7:45 AM.


  1. Do not drop your child off in the parking lot.Parents wishing to walk their child into the building must use the crosswalk and escort the child all the way to the building at the front entrance off of FM 1346.

New Procedures

 After the first day of school, parents will NOT be permitted past the front office.  Children will be monitored as they enter the hallway and assisted to classrooms by staff members.  We are making this change due to security and in an effort to teach our students independence.   Allowances will be made for our youngest learners during the first week of school.

Student Pick Up

School is dismissed at 3:15 PM.  Students will be brought out to the car lines.  Students will sit with their classes and wait to be called and assisted to the car by a staff member.   Pre-Kindergarteners, Kindergarteners, and some first graders (Evans, Robinson, and Kopeck) will be on the gym side of the school (Alexandria Street).  All second graders and some first graders (Krueger, Pressley, Burg, Coleman, King, and Fisher) will be on the front side of the school.  Siblings will sit together on the side of the youngest child.  If you are also picking up older siblings from the Intermediate School, they will be with the youngest member of the family. If picking up Intermediate children, please use the line closest to the road.  This will help us speed up Primary only dismissal.  No child will be placed in a car without a car tag.  Be sure the visor tag is in the vehicle.  Failure to have a tag will require the adult to go to the office in order for the child to be released.  Once a parent receives a paper tag, the parent will have to get back in the car line.

Parents are NOT to walk to the covered areas to take a child.We ask all parents to use the car line.  After the first couple of weeks it only takes about 15 minutes to clear the line.