Spring is a very busy time for schools, and LVISD is no exception. These past months have proven to be a tough stretch for the community and the district. In my short time here, I have seen a toughness and commitment from our staff and students, as well as a desire to move into the future with determination. I have seen a student body who continues to excel in student achievement at all levels, and have continued success in UIL academic competition. Our speech and debate program, as well as FFA and both girls and boys athletic programs, have represented our community in an exemplary fashion. This is all due to the commitment of our students to these programs and the dedication of our teachers and staff to provide leadership and opportunities for success for our students.

While the events of the past year are heart-wrenching and cannot be diminished or forgotten, the district will move forward and provide the climate for continued student safety and success. Combined with the recent events in Florida, safety and security are constantly on all of our minds. Please know that the Board and administration are reviewing all options to protect our students and provide them with a safe environment. With upcoming discussions, the administration will bring information to the Board regarding safety concerns and options for consideration. The district is currently reviewing how to better secure the perimeters of our facilities, updating our exterior cameras, related software and monitors, as well as the possibility of additional personnel in our safety department. We are reviewing our safety protocols with all staff, as well as emergency plans. We understand the critical nature of these concerns and realize nothing is more of a priority than student safety, and the district will continue to make the necessary changes and steps to ensure students are safe. The challenges ahead seem at times daunting, but I’ve seen nothing but a determination not to be defined by events in the past, but to acknowledge the issues at hand and work through those challenges toward a bright and successful future for all students.

As you are aware by now, the Board of Trustees named Dr. Trent Lovette as the Lone Finalist for the Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Lovette has already visited the district and will begin full time responsibilities around the 1st of April. We are very excited for Dr. Lovette to join the team as he brings a broad range of experiences and success from his time in Crowley ISD, and is more than ready and willing to move LVISD into the future.

I would like to take this time to thank the Board of Trustees for the opportunity to assist the district in the role of Interim Superintendent over the past three months. It has been a privilege to work here and to get to know the staff and community. The Board has been fantastic and very committed to their work. The staff has been exceptional at every level. LVISD has so much to be proud of, and a very bright future ahead. All my best wishes to you, now and in the future.

Gary Patterson, Interim Superintendent

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