Josh Guiterrez

Director of District Safety and Security

Josh Gutierrez joined the LVISD team in June of 2017 as the district Hearing and Truancy Officer.  He began his career in public education as a School District Police Officer in 2001 and also served as a teacher, assistant principal and district administrator before moving into his
current position as Director of Safety and Security.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership/Criminal Justice Administration and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management. He also holds a Masters Peace Officer Certification with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. As Director of District Safety and Security, Mr. Gutierrez provides strategic direction and leadership for the overall administration and coordination of the Safety and Security program for the District including law enforcement, public safety, and emergency management operations.

Mr. Gutierrez is passionate about education and safety. Serving as a School Based Law Enforcement Officer for 17 years safety is his priority and, he has dedicated himself to ensuring that all LVISD students, staff and community members have a safe place to obtain an education, work and visit.