Immunization Information

 State law and LVISD policy require medically validated records of immunizations or a valid exemption certificate to be on file for all students.  ANY STUDENT WHOSE IMMUNIZATION RECORDS ARE NOT COMPLETE WILL BE SUBJECT TO EXCLUSION.  ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST THE SPECIFIED DISEASES OR HAVE A VALID EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE.  However, a student may be provisionally admitted if the student has begun the required immunizations and continues to receive the necessary immunizations as rapidly as medically feasible.  In addition, an in-state transfer student who is fully immunized or has begun the required immunizations has 30 days from the date of enrollment to produce the required documentation

 IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS:  A student shall show acceptable proof of vaccination or a valid exemption certificate prior to entry, attendance, or transfer to a child-care facility or public or private elementary or secondary school in Texas.

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Validation of Varicella_Chicken Pox form

7th grade immu letter