Night in Ole La Vernia was a success! La Vernia Independent School District, along with The School Board of Trustees and Dr. Lovette, Superintendent of Schools, would like to send out a HUGE “Thank You” to the La Vernia Education Foundation for the exceptional evening.❤️ It was difficult to make it through the grant presentation, held before the Mark Wills concert without displaying tears of gratitude. We are truly supported by an amazing Foundation. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. #WeAreLaVernia#ThisIsMyFoundation#LoveLV Awarded Grants #EduDrone– awarded to Jr High teachers Jackie Hill and Caylin Herley in the amount of $199.98- in a move to integrate English with Science, the funding of #EduDrone will improve student performance in expository text writing as well as informational text comprehension. Students will read informational text about what drones are, the history of aeronautics, how to fly drones and learn how to write expository texts based on their activity and findings. Dry Erase Active Space- awarded to High School Science Teacher Eryn Pierdolla in the amount $859.00- The MimoTeach interactive whiteboard can be placed on the dry erase board that Mrs. Pierdolla already has. She will be able to push a couple of buttons and then have a full-featured interactive whiteboard that will allow for more flexibility in instruction for her and the students as well as allow for more student engagement through interactive lessons. LVHS Online Newspaper- awarded to High School teacher Morgan Smith in the amount of $725. This will allow the high school journalism class to purchase a personal website via School Newspapers Online where they will be able to publish news articles and share their writing with other students, parents and the community. Through this, they will be able to participate in real writing for real purposes and foster an environment for career growth as well as high school experience. Programming- Level 2- awarded to the District Technology Department and James Garza to be used at the Intermediate campus in the amount of $1599.00. This grant funds coding tools to help advance the current students who are currently working in the computer science after school programs. This will allow them to take their training to the next step as well as draw new students into the computer sciences through coding and programming. Bilingual Education Program- The La Vernia Education Foundation has chosen to fund the Bilingual Education Program with $6000 to use for supplemental curriculum and development. Fire Up LV Art- is being awarded to the High School Fine Art department and teachers Jeanine Mills and Justin Hellman. This is so much more than the High School however as plans are to implement into the other campuses as well. Thegrant will fund $3116.88 to build the 3D art program by purchasing a ceramic/glass kiln and vent that will replace a current kiln and will meet current safety standards and requirements. We will use the kiln for ceramics and fused glass for a new an innovative medium for the students to explore. Biotechnology: Micro to Macro will be awarded to the LV Jr High Science Department and teacher Priscilla Gonzales in the amount of $1660. While Mrs.Gonzales requested $800 for a single digital microscope, the LV Education Foundation got excited and felt that they could use two digital microscopes to help in the classrooms. This project will give students an opportunity to investigate the relationship between organism and the environment, levels of organization in nature, and the explore how living organism must be able to maintain a stable internal balance in response to external and internal stimuli. Advanced Academics Portable Writing Lab is being awarded to the High School English Department and teachers Amy Maytum and Katherine Castillo in the amount of $8692.00. This grant will fund a portable writing lab dedicated to the students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses within LVISD. This will fund Chromebooks for the students to have a 1:1 ratio within their Advanced Placement classes and allow the teachers to implement directives by utilizing programs paid for by the district, increase student engagement and achievement in advanced courses and ultimately creating a virtual classroom with 100% accessibility. Drums Alive! is being partially funded to the LV Primary Physical Education and Special Education Departments and teachers Georganna Roswell, Angela Ferrell, Daniel Ayal and Shelley Gonzales in the amount of $1500.00. Drums Alive! is an innovative kinesthetic program that engages everyone! This grant will fund a web-based curriculum to be used with drum sticks, activity balls, and stands to engage the students in vigorous physical activity choreographed to upbeat and current music that engages students through music and activity. Not Your Old School Classroom is being awarded to the LV Jr High English Department and teacher Kellie Doege in the amount of $3798.00. This grant integrates Google Chromebooks to teach with innovative technology and engaging lessons that will allow for differentiated instruction and will allow for students to be creative in the process of learning. We Came to Play! Is being awarded to Isabella Martinez in the amount of $100 as a way for students to engage their brains before school through traditional board games vs. devices. Drone Pilot Ground School is being awarded to the LV High School Career Tech Department and teachers Justin Hellman and Nicole Ellis in the amount of $2135.00. This grant will help transform the current Drone Club into a way that students can gain experience with operating drones and knowledge and provide a opportunity for them to continue to pursue a career with a potential to become licensed drone operators. This grant will fund two high-tech drones to be used in training and facilitation. Total Ask: 24 grants for a total ask of $68,324.29 Total Awarded: 12 grants for a total give of $30,385.11

Night in Ole La Vernia is in Full Swing! La Vernia Independent School District, along with The School Board of Trustees…

Posted by La Vernia ISD on Saturday, March 24, 2018

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